Donna H.

While there are many Country Club Venues on Long Island, there really isn’t any one Country Club anything like The Village Club at Lake Success. Why? Not only is the Club beautiful (for an outdoor ceremony/cocktail overlooking a lake or indoor with an outrageous brick wall) the staff pleasant, the grounds and building spotless, but there are 2 people that just make it all; well, perfect! Barry Rosenthal and Amy Chachkes.

We wanted a ‘farm’ feel in a contemporary setting; it happened. While we did rent items, Barry made sure to repurpose them. For our tasting, Barry answered a lot of questions, and Amy joined us. There were 6 of us with different ideas, questions and attitudes and they listened to everything. We came up with a menu that didn’t ‘break’ the bank, yet was everything to all of us. They actually talked us out of a few of the ‘extras’ when they clearly could have sold us.

On the day of my son and DIL’s wedding, the staff was friendly, professional and clearly understands Barry’s vision. They saw my 90 year old mom, and my DIL’s 96 year old Gramma, and made sure to put a ‘reserved’ sign at a table at the cocktail hour so they’d have seating close to the door.

Amy is Barry’s left hand; she pretty much can complete his sentences. They work ‘that’ well together. She is just a gift. She made sure our August wedding was super cool indoors. She helped with so much, kept us running on time and just made everything easy. We did have a day of coordinator; but Amy was that as well in addition to being our bridal attendant. They worked flawlessly together. My sandals, which had fit perfectly at home, kept slipping off as I walked. Amy had double sided tape, which was a godsend. She has an arsenal of tools and tricks for sure. While she’s there to make sure the bride is truly taken care of, she was there on the day of for all of us.

As our guests were leaving at the end of our amazing evening, I had brought in unique cookies and desserts. I thought they’d be displayed on a round table, simply for guests to take on their way out. Barry, could have left things like that, but he arranged for the farm barrels to be brought up front, and an unbelievable looking display was waiting complete with flowers, unique baskets, vases and lights.

Normally, months after an affair, one can always find something to ‘pick on,’ or change for ‘the next one’. Our wedding was in August. We are almost into January, and there is not one thing comes to mind to change. Forever grateful to Barry Rosenthal and Amy Chachkes for making our kids wedding an amazing night to remember.