The Hamptons Summer Social Season Culminates With The Hampton Classic Grand Prix Sunday

The Hamptons Summer Social Season Culminates With The Hampton Classic Grand Prix Sunday

Michael Bloomberg and Diana Taylor reigned over the Hampton Classic Grand Prix VIP tents on Sunday. Daughter Georgina Bloomberg remained at the reins. And America’s McLain Ward won the $300,000 Hampton Classic Grand Prix $300,000 prize. It’s the last hurrah of the Hamptons summer social season. Politicos, celebrities and philanthropists join the horsey set. Ladies negotiate air kisses around large brimmed hats.

Donna Karan and Gabby Karan De Felice, Brooke Shields, Luann De Lesseps, Jean Shafiroff and Marty Shafiroff, Judy Giuliani, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman (at Bloomberg’s table), Suffolk Country Executive Steve Bellone, Peter Cook, Debbie Loeffler, Ramona Singer, Dave Winfield, Larry Baum and Maria Baum, and Don Lemon added to the luster.

“I come every year,” said Judy Giuliani, in one of those long flowing summer dresses that were de rigueur this summer. “My daughter actually won the Hampton Classic when she was much younger. It’s a wonderful local event to bring everybody together. There are lots of people here who come to see the show just for a bit, but it supports the local economy. And it’s a wonderful day.”

It may have be long dresses for women this summer, but, they were showing shorts for men. And so, the ebullient Christopher Robbins, sharing a table with Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs business partners, Ken and Paula Wolfe, bounded over showing worthy calves. “I’m so lucky and happy because I’ve been the official caterer in the VIP tent since 1995,” he enthused. “We serve more than 8,000 meals and 12,000 drinks. Our most popular two entrees today are Maine lobster rolls and fried chicken. We also do tenderloin beef, have a large farmstead salad trio, amazing peach and plum tarts and insanely delicious chocolate and red velvet cupcake balls that are out of control!” At his table, Wölffer Estate bubbly flowed.

If you’ve been to a party or two in the Hamptons in the past 31 years, chances are you’ve tasted Robbins Wolfe classic cooking. “After this, I have a wedding for 200 people at the Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club,” said Robbins. “So, I’m leaving here, going there and turning it all on again.”

Bob Chaloner, Steve Bernstein, the Shafiroffs, Joan Hornig, Greg D’Elia and Southampton Animal Shelter’s Clifton Knight were seated at the Hospital table. Hornig, a philanthropist/jewelry designer who boasts celebrity clients and no personal profits — it all goes to charity — had donated their table decor. The flowers and dishes were from her Water Mill estate; the arrangement from her artist’s soul. The freshly picked floral twists included dark pink hibiscuses filled globes. “I bought roses, straw flowers, grasses,” she told us, “because the hospital should not be spending money on entertaining its donors. They should be spending money doing research. So, this is my gift. And it’s a joy to give.” written by Lee Fryd

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