Mother of the Bride – 2022

As the mother of the bride, I can’t rave enough about our experience with Barry Rosenthal and the entire staff at the Village Club of Lake Success. We went to contract in July 2019 for a May 2020 wedding. Needless to say we postponed it two times. Barry worked with us through each contract revision, explaining our options, keeping us posted on protocol and when it looked like we were finally going forward, offered expert advice and guidance to deliver the most magical evening. Every question, (and there were many) was answered quickly and with complete information which allowed us to make decisions and move forward. Barry’s guidance was invaluable, whether it was how to lay out the room, menu selections or deciding whether we needed a wedding planner. Every suggestion was right on!

The venue hit home as soon as my daughter and future son-in-law walked through the doors. In their words it had a New York vibe while being affordable – the brick wall, the tasteful lighting, floor to ceiling windows overlooking Lake Success and a cocktail room, The Grill Room, that was warm and inviting. The “day of” went as smoothly as can be expected with Amy at our side throughout, attending to every detail and ensuring we kept to the schedule. Barry of course popped in regularly to check on us and provide updates. I need to pause to shine a bright light on Amy. I was encouraged by friends to hire a separate “day of” coordinator. “You can’t manage without one”. This was one of those decisions I tortured myself about. So to bring the discussion to a close we had a conference call with my daughter and Barry. I had her ask every question she was concerned about. The decision was to depend on Amy and was that ever the right decision. We felt cared for the entire day.

And now for the wedding – Each room looked as gorgeous as we had hoped. The ballroom was stunning aided by Florique Florists and lighting by Fusion. Our guests were blown away by the quality, variety, presentation and the taste of all the food. The only complaint I received several times was that the cocktail hour was so delicious that they didn’t leave enough room for dinner. While there were a few naysayers afraid to order salmon because they claimed it’s never cooked properly, they were totally outnumbered by the guests who said they never had such a delicious piece of salmon. The filet was like butter and how often do you have people raving about the side dishes?

Throughout the evening Barry and Amy checked in on each of us to see if we needed anything, were eating and generally having a good time. It was over way too soon and even packing up late at night was a pleasure. We were helped until both our cars were packed and ready to leave. As many say it goes way too fast. It’s over in a blink. And thank goodness for videos and pictures because I can’t wait to relive it all over again.