CulinArt Group Catering Collection: A Creative Alignment of Brands

CulinArt Group Catering Collection: A Creative Alignment of Brands

PLAINVIEW, N.Y.  CulinArt Group has pulled together the talent of its catering division, which consists of long-time catering brands Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, Philip Stone Caterers and Regal [glatt kosher] Caterers, to launch the CulinArt Group Catering Collection. This trio of brands is now working together to create a one-of-a-kind Catering Collection filled with creative options and events that are filled with great personality. “Our presence is stronger than ever,” remarks Ali Bernardi, vice president of marketing and brand strategy for CulinArt Group, the parent company to the Collection. “Together, we have eight unique tri-state catering venues, ranging from the Westchester-Connecticut region to Long Island from Nassau County all the way out to Bridgehampton. We are bringing together the strengths from our three brands to present a new alternative in catering, event production and party planning.”

For decades, each catering brand operated independently, cultivating and serving its base of clients. Likewise each brand had its own exclusive event venues. “We realized that we were quite often traveling down parallel paths and not capitalizing on the synergies between the brands,” Bernardi explains. “Our current goal focuses on highlighting the personalities of the brands and the personalities of our unique brand leaders — Ken Wolfe, Chris Robbins and Tom Cataldo.” With three of the most sought after catering leaders in the region working in synergy — Tom Cataldo, who heads Philip Stone and Regal Caterers, and Ken Wolfe and Chris Robbins, who head Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs — CulinArt Group Catering Collection has pioneered a new concept in the catering and event planning industry.

Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, Philip Stone Caterers and Regal Caterers are all established caterers, each offering professional services that reflect their own character and style. “We have become many things for many people,” Cataldo said. “We are a well seasoned company with a fresh, new approach and direction. When a client calls CulinArt, the opportunities are limitless.”

As part of the rebranding, a perspective client can be matched with the catering division that works best for them. “We can decide which catering brand is the right one the client should be working with based on their personality and their needs,” Robbins explained. And, with several exclusive venues to offer, Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, Philip Stone Caterers and Regal Caterers also give their clients more options. “We no longer have to say, ‘Sorry we are booked that night,’” Robbins asserts. “If our Bridgehampton venue is booked, we can offer you an event in Westhampton. If a corporate event planner is tired of doing the same old thing at the same venue year-after-year, we can bring you to a mansion this year, a beachside resort next year, and a museum or country club the year after that.”

CulinArt Group Catering Collection is more than simply weddings and bat mitzvahs. They maintain a significant corporate client roster as well. “We can accommodate the corporate client in anything they want to do,” says Robbins. “If they want to have an original, imaginative event we will deliver it and at the right location, whether it’s one of our places, their own or a location of their choice. If someone wants to have their event on a yacht and have all their guests travel by boat then we say ‘you need to go to Oceanbleu (located at The Resort at Bath & Tennis in Westhampton Beach)’ because they have a marina. It is unlimited on what we can do or where we can bring our clients.”

“Our venues are not the typical catering hall,” Cataldo declares. “We have very distinct facilities from mansions to museums. They are very interesting places and one-of-a-kind venues.” All three brands also specialize in off-premises catering and can create the backdrop for just about any theme. “While we have unique venues to choose from, we always keep our minds open and talk about putting up a tent somewhere or going into a vacant hangar or loft space to create an environment for our clients that is unlike anything else,” notes Robbins. “There really isn’t anything we can’t create and find the perfect location for.”

The creative alignment between Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs, Philip Stone Caterers and Regal Caterers marks a new era for CulinArt. “All of our synergies were lined up with unique facilities, unique product and it all came together for us,” Cataldo explains. “We are many things to many people because of the infrastructure we have and while each of the catering brands has their own distinctive identity, our core philosophies—a consistent ‘food first’ focus and unparalleled service—are a common thread.”

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